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“Editors” Shooting “REST”

Accuracy Shooting “FACTS”

Sandbag "REST” outperforms “Metal” rest


  Sandbag proves "BEST” pick over? ALL METAL Shooting Rest

  Metal rest magnifies harmonic vibration, negatively changing your point-of-impact.     

  Shooting Rest best results! need to know why?... read more (5 min. reading)



  Major Editor stands behind Bulls Bag claim to Accuracy and Repeatability.

  Mark Olis from Grand View OUTDOORS publishes his shooting rest findings in plane 

  English. read more (5 min. reading)


Grand View reputation is reliable and is the same group that publishes Cabela’s Outdoor JOURNAL.


  Law Enforcement and Military choose sandbag design for training and field use.

  NTOA-National Tactical Officers Association has backed the Bulls Bag design by testing

  and recommending it to its members. read more (4 min. reading)


  Accuracy Shooting “FACTS” comes from shooting rest engineering formula.

  Weight and Balance, Low center of Gravity and Wide footprint. read more (2 min. reading) home page "click here"

“I would encourage every shooter to take a close look at the advantages the X SEVEN provides… … to squeeze your groups down, making you a better shooter.” Varmint Hunter and Australian Shooter, Thomas Tabor


“Bulls Bags are being praised by sporting enthusiasts and law enforcement teams across the country.”

Law Enforcement Product News


“Bulls Bag is a new concept in holding a rifle or handgun solidly when testing accuracy or taking long shots at varmints and big game.” Editor’s Choice of Gear, Jim Carmichael, Outdoor Life


“Excellent device for sighting in or testing lots of loads off the bench” John Kronfeld,

Shooting & Hunters Buyer’s Guide


“This past year I found something that everyone who shoots rifles or handguns ought to have. It’s Uncle Bud’s Bulls Bag.” Art Carter, Sporting Classic


“Uncle Bud’s Bulls Bag is the answer.”  Guns and Ammo


90 % of the Browning BOSS was developed and tested the Bulls Bag Rob Sheeran, Chief Firearms Technician, Clyde Rose, Quality Control/Test Engineer Browning Arms Company


NTOA Member Testers:

“...stable platform for shooting that was   superior to sandbags...”


“Strap makes it easy to transport.”


“...sandwiches the fore end of my rifle for a rock-steady shooting platform...”


“It incorporates an ingenious design...”


“...ingenious design that cradles the weapon for an absolutely rock-steady shooting platform.”


“...grips the weapon, reducing felt recoil and muzzle lift


“...4-chambered lobe "butterfly" that allows for maximum stability and felt recoil reduction...”


“This advantage saves time and adds confidence to the sharpshooter.”


“...this would be a great tool for a long range shooter to have.”


“I would recommend the X7 for every shooter who is looking for an accurate zero on any rifle.”


“...this bag does have a place in a sniper team’s inventory.”