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November 1, 2009

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NRA has added the popular Bulls Bag X-7 Shooting Rest

The National Rifle Association has added the popular Bulls Bag X-7 shooting rest to the shooting accessories available through their website. The exclusive NRA X-7 Multi-Platform Shooting Rest is available in black only and features bold NRA letters in gold on the sides of the two larger bags that form an integral part of the X-7.

The NRA X-7 Multi-Platform Shooting Rest transforms into seven independent gun rest bags capable of creating over fifty different configurations to accommodate various shooting rest styles in multiple environments. The NRA X-7 is made of black 900 polyester material, is 10" long and weighs 30 pounds when filled with kitty litter, and comes with a shoulder strap. The unique, all-in-one rifle rest design of the NRA X-7, locks rifles into place with a gun vise-like grip while reducing felt-recoil and muzzle jump. The shooting rest suede tops protect the stock of the firearm while providing a better grip to reduce movement while sighting and firing.

The full range of shooters will appreciate the outstanding stability, accuracy and repeatability that is made possible by the NRA X-7 gun rest modular design that adapts so well to long and short range rifles and handguns. Whether it is bench, field, window, or blind shooting, the NRA X-7 Multi-Platform Shooting Rest, with its ingenious All-In-One design, has the built-in flexibility to provide the expert stability required for more accurate shooting in multiple environments.

The NRA X-7 Multi-Platform Shooting Rest comes with the best manufacturer-backed lifetime guarantee in the industry and has been designated by the NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) Member Tested and Recommended Program as the only shooting rest system that achieved over forty different shooting configurations.