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Monday, March 29, 2010

Uncle Buds Bulls Bag Review

For years, I have wanted to get some type of real shooting sand bags. Up until now, I have used anything I could find to prop my rifle when zeroing or checking zero. A buddy of mine at work spoke highly about a bag and I decided to check it out. I purchased the Uncle Bud's Bulls Bag Bench Tree Camo/Tuff-Tec 15" Shooting Rest (Unfilled ) from for $41.02 including shipping and handling. This next photo is what you get in the box.

Honestly, the outside of the box is a wealth of marketing information. Also if you go to their website, you will see that they go the extra mile to market their products. The next couple of photos are the different sides of the box.

This sheet below was the instruction sheet inside the box.

Notice that there is Velcro on the fill nipples that keeps them closed and then you tuck the nipples into the pockets and the pocket flaps also Velcro to the nipples.

I decided to reduce the weight of the bag and fill mine with bird seed instead of sand. The instructions said it could weigh as much as 40 lbs with sand. Mine ended up weighing about 18.5 lbs. Another buddy of mine reminded me that I better make sure the location I store the bag is rodent free. Good point. I don't want holes chewed in the bag while something trys to get to the seeds.

You can see all the fill ports are closed below and the nipples are tucked in the pockets.

The material where your rifle rests does a great job of gripping the forearm. You can see in the photo below that much of my rifle is to the left of the bag and the Bulls Bag grips solid and has enough weight to hold the gun in this position.

I took the bag to an indoor range and did a basic zero on my rifle at 25 yards. One thing I quickly learned is that if you are going to shoot a rifle with a pistol grip, this is probably not the right bag for you unless you plan to put the bag on another object. The pistol grip was too close to the table for me to aim correctly. I ended up putting a gun case under the bag and it helped out greatly.

While shooting, I could tell that the bag made a huge difference in recoil due to the extra mass gripping the gun. Also, it let me hold very accurately while shooting.

Bottom Line: The Uncle Bud's Bulls Bag Bench 15" is a good product that will increase the accuracy of your shooting and does reduce recoil. If you are wanting to shoot something with a pistol grip, consider the X7 or PRO-Series Bulls Bag instead. Knowing what I know now, I would have purchased the X7 or PRO-Series for my intended use.