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Shot my first cloverleaf ever using my new BullsBag!. I'm a new large bore shooter with a new rifle, and we are both still in the break-in period. Target was at 100 yards, rifle was a Weatherby Vanguard Sporter in 30-06, bullet was a reload using 47.5 grains of Varget driving a 168 grain Speer boat tail hollow point match grade bullet. the BullsBag gives me a good feel for the rifle and the shot which a metallic rest never did. Looking forward to good shooting this summer!

- Matthew D. 05/04/2010

The Top 10 Questions Answered...

What are Metal Shooting Rest manufacturers not telling you…

...and maybe just don't know themselves?



True... Nothing outperforms the stability of a sandbag? (No one has proven otherwise)

FORT MEADE, MARYLAND (X7 Shooting Rest shown right)


True... Accuracy and Repeatability can only be achieved when three components are present in ANY shooting rest?

..........Weight and Balance ...........Low Center-Of-Gravity ...........Wide footprint

(Basic engineering formula) Stability Comes From Stabilizing MORE... Not LESS!



True... The weight and balance distribution in a shooting rest platform is critical to the end-result performance? (Absolute)


True... Stability is achieved by stabilizing… MORE...not less in a shooting rest? (Simple knowledge)


True... A low center of gravity in a shooting rest, combined with a wide footprint, produces and maximizes "Extreme" shooting results? (Proven)



False... What about mechanical (Metal/Metallic) shooting rests, will they reduce recoil as claimed?

NO shooting rest can claim to reduce recoil and be factual. Newton's third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, when one object exerts a force on another object, the second object exerts a force of equal strength in the opposite direction on the first object. Likewise, when a shooter fires his or her gun, he or she will experiences the recoil generated by the gun. The "kick" felt by the shooter is the reaction force upon the gun which is equal in magnitude to the force that pushes the bullet.


Metal/metallic shooting rests can magnify/amplify harmonic vibration caused by the firing of the gun, increasing additional unwanted variations on the target .


True... Is there a problem when Recoil is redirected or altered by a shooting rest?

YES...It simply takes an unnatural direction, which is not relative to the same line-of-sight as the barrel and will negatively change its point-of-impact, affecting repeatability. In some designs, it is known that damage has occurred to some gun stocks when the gun and scopes can not recoil in its natural direction (equal and opposite) and the energy is absorbed by the stock and optics, (not recommended). Must have a flat surface for these rests designs and impossible for use in the field.


Cheek position, eye relief, parallax and shoulder contact with the rifle must be consistent to achieve "Expert" results. Take a hard look at any mechanical device and imagine how natural… or unnatural… it is to climb into and create a comfortable and consistent shooting position while on the bench with accuracy/repeatability !


True... Do other shooting rest styles claim to reduce recoil and is this incorrect?

YES. Manufacturers and marketers of those products do not understand the correct terminology. (Recoil vs. Felt-Recoil). Simply, the designers/manufacturers are not the best shooters and accuracy/repeatability is secondary in their shooting rest designs. Those shooting rest manufacturers must market to and capitalize on the consumers ignorance and promote mostly other perceived benefits, other then accuracy. (Lots of adjustment knobs, straps, screws and *added weight recommended). (Example of published claim: "reduces up to 95% recoil"). (Never claims repeatability or accuracy.)


True... Will shooting rests that use a front rest for the forearm and one on the heel of the gun (butt) affect accuracy?

Yes... If it's a sandbag, more formally known as a Toe and Heel configuration, or a mechanical rest with Y-supports in the same gun support areas, these designs can prove inconsistent and can create additional variables time and time again. ANYTIME you make point-of-contact with the gun, you create pressure points. When you add multiple pressure points, as in these designs, you can create multiple variables in the shooting pattern and can cause a "Flex" in the shooting accuracy, resulting in inconsistent grouping.


Two points-of-contact under the gun bases (Example: toe and heel / Y-supports) and the shooter applying pressure above the trigger-guard and stock, presents what is known as downward and upward pressure, creating a total of 3 points-of-contact while using this technique.

NOTE: While in some measurable testing, the windage can remain consistent, the inconsistency is shown in the elevation results by seeing variations in the up and down (elevation) movement of the bullet holes on the target.


If I want to test or currently own a metal/metallic shooting rest, will the manufacturer refund my money back if I am dissatisfied with the end results?

???...We don't think so... and they will probably just tell you to try something else. (Ask before you buy).


You can find more information here about our technology in EXTREME and EXPERT shooting rest

ACCURACY. Here you can learn more about products comparisons, specifications, and choose from a wide selection of shooting rest sandbag styles/engineered systems, that promise to outperform all other shooting rest categories with an unconditional promise, including an Accuracy and Repeatability GUARANTEE.

Need help choosing the right shooting rest for you? We will gladly take your call and you can speak with a "Live" knowledgeable staff person who will guide you in your selection for achieving the best results possible, on target or in the field.

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Nigel W., of Pennsylvania is shooting Savage Arms models LE .308 and the .223 and is achieving sub-minute of angle 3-shoot groups at 100 yards. His experience at only 10 years old proves that by using the right equipment in combination with the best in shooting rest technology, you can become an "Extreme" shooter. We expect to see Nigel in future years becoming a real contender in shooting competition…and is the youngest member of our Pro-Staff!

Learn the fundamentals of Extreme Shooting Accuracy!

You purchased a rifle for Accuracy and Repeatability. You can't expect to achieve those results if you don't carry through with a complete accuracy and repeatability formula.

The chain breaks at its weakest link and in most cases a rifles accuracy's weak link is the shooting rest…

"Every successful shot begins with superior shooting intelligence! Accuracy in a shooting rest has to be an extension and part of the rifles shooting environment".

Marshall Hill/President Bulls Bag Shooting Technology and Training Center -LE Division

This simply means that you must have a shooting rest that parallels the rifles accuracy capability or you will never be able to maximize the rifles best performance.

Engineering Solution:

Our One-bag "System", guarantees accuracy performance by creating only one contact point on the rifles forearm, eliminating multiple pressure-points that will create unwanted variables and flexes the rifles natural balance formula.


Stability comes from stabilizing more… Not less. Most rest use minimal support areas for supporting the rifle while sighting in or taking aim. This means that the pounds per square inch in these areas are increased and become a negative factor in the guns ability to achieve superior accuracy.

Stability continued:

The laws of stability in a shooting rest come from three important formulas. Weight and Balance, Low Center-of Gravity and a Wide Footprint and must ALL be present in a shooting rest to produce Extreme Accuracy.

Engineering Solution:

The Bulls Bag engineered design distributes the weight equally over a greater surface area, (10" to 15" - depending on model) that has proven this produces the absolute best shooting environment. Reducing the pounds per square inch on the rifles forearm is critical and with no support needed behind the trigger guard, which will create variables in shooting accuracy when used.


Guns transmit harmonic vibration when fired. The optimum environment is to reduce those vibrations. Metal rest and clamping designs "Amplify" those unwanted harmonics and can negatively affect the point-of impact on the target. Bulls Bag absorbs those vibrations, achieving the best possible results from your rifle.

Need More Accuracy:

We have taken it a step further to finalize the accuracy formula. We have the only Technology in a target design, which checks your optics (scopes) precision and its ability to perform as stated by its manufacturer. When accuracy is still difficult in achieving with a good rifle, shooting rest, ammo and shooter, we then turn to the sight devise for exactness. You may be surprised to learn that scope optics can have several problems relating too "True Click Value", "Retical Hold", "Straight Tracking" and several others. It's not based on what you paid for the scope. This DEAD Nuts - Dead ZONE Target tests are being used by Shooting Ranges and for Target Practice. The knowledge and technical shooting data that we will provide to you has been tested and proven in real-world tactical SWAT operations, world sniper competitions, including marksmen and hunters.

Visit our full-line of shooting rest models including Field and Bench designs, the PRO-Series and the New X7 Bulls Bag ADVANTAGE in the "top" navigation menu and choose the one that's right for you! Need help... give us a call and we will guide you in your selection. Bulls Bag products ALL have a lifetime Guarantee and promise to outperform ALL others in Accuracy and Repeatability...