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Message:Why is the Tuff-Tec so much cheaper than the Suede,,is there a big performance differance between the two ???Which is the biggest seller and why ??? I want to know before I order some bags which is the best...

Message:Can you explain the difference between the Tuf-tec and Suede used on the bulls bag? Is one better than the other? I have tried to call for the last 2 days, but always get a busy signal.

Thanks for your inquiry here at Bulls Bag.
The Tuff-Tec is a line added in 2007 to compete more with other shooting rest prices in the market in the $35-$50 range. (Caldwell Tack Driver, Stoney Point, The Marksman, RedHead, Tuff Country, Dog-gone-good, Gorilla Bag, Bench Buddy... etc that are all the same design, because they would infringe our patent if they made the "X" design. (SEE ATTACHED) Our design is superior over those others, because ours is a patented "X" design that grips the rifle, has a low-center-of-gravity, wide-footprint and weight and balance engineered formula, that is critical to accuracy and repeatability.
Now... It will perform just like the suede versions in performance, so accuracy and repeatability are not sacrificed in any of our models to choose from. Suede does cost a bit more than the rubberized tops.
Who buys the suede vs. Tuff-Tec? Simply the Tuff-Tec attracts a price-point and accommodates the shooters who might use sync stocks. Suede on the other-hand attracts the shooters who wish to have the best material gripping their forearms of the rifle and in many cases might be hi-gloss, poly, wooden stocks.
The company sales are divided as follows:
  • Tuff-Tec 18%
  • Suede 23%
  • X7 and PRO-Series 45%
Which is the Best? All our bags will perform as promoted, so it simply comes down to personal preferences.
I hope this was helpful in making your selection.
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Message:You have any deals going w/shipping or prices???
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