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Uncle Bud’s CSS, BULLS BAG Co.
460 Hilldale Drive Needmore, PA 17238 717-294-6000 

The ONLY Shooting Rest With:
Our 500% Guarantee

OUR 500% Promise...

 if for any reason you’re not completely SATISFIED!
to outperform ALL shooting rests in ALL categories
free from ALL manufacturing defects FOREVER!
to be free from any seam leakage
to never cause ANY firearm damage, EVER!

If, within 90-Days from the date of purchase, you provide proof and find our product (s) to be less then what we have represented, we will promptly refund what you paid us ( online orders only! **Returns for reasons not due to our error, shipping charges are non-refundable). It's just that gimmicks, no tricks, no hype. Just a straight-forward guarantee offered with one purpose in mind - to demonstrate our confidence in our products, our honest intentions, and to help you feel confident and secure when using and/or selling our products, namely, "BULLS BAG.”  How CAN we offer Our Money Back Guarantee?

We know what we're doing - no brag, just fact! The BULLS BAG design has been in existence since 1991. Over the years, we have developed many working relationships and built the absolute best customer following and loyalty that currently exist in the United States and beyond. And, because we have developed such powerful products, we are confident that it simply is not possible to provide more current, more complete, or a more accurate shooting rests design than ours when used properly. It is that confidence in our abilities and our engineering, based upon over two decades in the business, with an exceptionally high rate of success, that makes it easy for us to offer a Our Money Back Guarantee with no reservations.

The bottom line is, we use only the best engineered design, materials, construction and workmanship, which has proven over the years to consistently, outperform ALL others, by being accurate and reliable. So, with every product purchased, we know, without a doubt, that whatever we release will be the absolute "BEST," most complete and most accurate design available.

We warrant for the lifetime of the product to be free from any material, workmanship or manufacturing defects through proper use and handling as represented through our printed material, web-sites and product instructions. We will replace any used or unused defective products at no charge to the owner, with an equal or equivalent replacement. *The Dealer/Distributor will be entitled to accept any defective product from the end-user, for a full replacement and one (1) additional unit (replacement) at no extra charge for any inconvenience caused, which is equal to our “Double Your Money Back GUARANTEE!” Thank you for your interest in our company. ONLY used products may qualify for a limited cash refund, should the customer desire no replacement. See our resellers terms and conditions!

If you wish to return your Bulls Bag shooting rest, that was purchased from an authorized Bulls  Bag distributor or reseller within 90-Days from original purchase date, the Bulls Bag Co., will exchange it for an equivalent priced model of equal or lesser value. If you wish to upgrade your model, we will accept your unused return in good condition and charge you for the difference for your exchange. Our formula for these returns is based on our suggested retails and no sales promotions apply. Returns wishing a cash refund should be presented to the original reseller and terms and conditions may apply.