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May 8, 2009
TOPIC: M.A.P. Pricing

To: Distributors, Dealers and Retailers,

Many of you are familiar with the 19-year history of the Bulls Bag™ shooting rest (s)
designs that have remained the benchmark and created a shooting rest market in the 90’s,
that others are now following our lead. With the new technology of broadcasting products
via Internet, it is increasingly known that many e-commerce store-fronts have the ability
to publish lower then acceptable pricing that competes with the dealers that have physical
storefronts and real overhead expense to promote and distribute our products.

The internet selling crowd can work on much lower profits by not having to inventory
our products and in some instances, the distributor will ship direct to their customer,
allowing the web based company to work on just a few points as recently seen with a few
of our products.

We have spent nearly two decades creating the best products in the market that guarantee
no meaningful competition what so ever, especially with the release of the new X7™ Bulls
Bag “ADVANTAGE”™. In view of the above, we must immediately put into effect a
MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) whereby a BULLS BAG™ and its distributors agree
that the latter's resellers will advertise the products at certain prices, at or above a price
floor (minimum advertised price).

These rules help prevent resellers from competing too fiercely on price, thus driving down
profits and lowering the BULLS BAG™ reputation as a creator of quality made products.
We desire to keep resellers profitable, and thus keeping the BULLS BAG™ profitable. We
contend that minimum advertised price maintenance, overcomes a failure in the market for
distributional services by ensuring that distributors who invest in promoting the BULLS
BAG™ product are able to recoup the additional costs of such promotion in the price they
charge consumers. BULLS BAG™ also defend retail minimum advertised price by
ensuring fair returns, both for BULLS BAG™ and our sales outlets.

We believe that MAP Pricing enhances customer loyalty, product image and profits. MAP
pricing ensures that our products maintains a certain level of exclusivity and doesn't
become known as a cheap product. A Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy alleviates
brand degradation and reinforces the advantages of our products in the areas of quality,
design, warranty, and service where we excel and we attach a 500% GUARANTEE™. It
will protect stocking dealers from "unfair" online competition and makes sure that
everyone remains competitive.

Please review our M.A.P. pricing structure above PDF "Link"and review our
“Terms of Agreement”
attached. We require you to give notice to your sales contacts
and provide our terms and notify any reseller that is in violation of our agreement.

Marshall T. Hill / President