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To all Editors and Publishing Groups

We are calling on your expertise, as we did with many of you in the past, in helping us bring the Uncle Bud’s Bulls Bag Company forward in the mid 1990’s. The Company was formerly known as Tonoloway Tack Drivers, Inc. We appreciate your attention and focus when reviewing and writing about what has become the “benchmark” against which ALL other shooting rest performance is measured. We thank all of you.

It has now been 19 years of steady, continued sales of the Bulls Bag design, which continues to create outstanding interest and a following after all these years. The product has changed very little over nearly two decades and has remained flawless while staying at the top for the “Experts” and "Editors" choice.

We are introducing a new Company (X SEVEN, Inc. d.b.a. Bulls Bag Co.) and a product that is as revolutionary as the original Bulls Bag design, with many additional features that make this the last rest ever needed by a hunter / marksman. This newly engineered design includes the well-liked patented “butterfly grip” which made the Bulls Bag famous. This revolutionary shooting rest includes a 7-in-1 design, adaptable for many shooting techniques and terrains and includes over 50 different shooters’ configurations.
This you must see!

Included in this press room category is our releases on our new Ballistic Tactical Bulls Bag (4 models) and the positive support from the Member Tested and Recommended programs at National Tactical Officers Association. We have also added a division to our company to support Law Enforcement and Military applications by educating and training these elite groups in our shooting rest technology, on the bench and in the field as requested by some of the leaders in their respected fields.

That is why we are inquiring about your current involvement within our industry and our desire to establish and / or renew our relationship with you. We have been out of the loop for a while now. We hope you can assist us in bringing this new product to market through your expert evaluation and sharing your positive experiences, past and present, with all your readers who will appreciate this advancement.

We invite you to visit us to get additional information on this new product. We look forward to your response. We can forward to you a media kit with all the pertinent information on this new product for your evaluation, including digital media, which will allow you to see how this new product actually works. We can also send samples of this new product for your evaluation, just as we have done in the past.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

William J. Sullivan
VP- Marketing
[email protected]