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September 20, 2010

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Bulls Bag Shooting Technology
Incorporated In
New DEAD Nuts/DEAD Zone Target

The Bulls Bag DEAD Nuts/DEAD Zone Shooting Target Technology is designed to provide "Expert" technical shooting target data for all shooters who need to achieve the best possible accuracy from their rifle. The Operational Target for shooting is the only known diagnostic check for the operational rifle and can be used to quantify the claims of a new rifle system through the use of our shooting range target.

The Bulls Bag DEAD Nuts/DEAD Zone Shooting Target will make shooters more proficient during range time and take the guesswork out of their long-range shooting with a proven process by applying the science of ballistic fingerprinting, which proves functions consistently and correctly.

The Bulls Bag DEAD Nuts/DEAD Zone Shooting Target is a large format target that measures 28” x 40.” It is printed in full-color on a white gloss cover weight stock for visual contrast, providing hi-resolution detail for graphic definition. The Shooting Target includes 1” Zeroing grids for quick alignment calculations and 50 objects for target practice.

The Bulls Bag DEAD Nuts/DEAD Zone Shooting Target Technology “Shooting Channel,” provides data for both standard and metric in true minute-of-angle (moa) relating to “True Click Value” of all optics tolerances. The channel provides calculation values for accurate MOA (Minute of Angle) formula adjustments for scope and gun calibration. This channel also provides, within in its “Straight Tracking Channel,” information for scope alignment.

The Bulls Bag DEAD Nuts/DEAD Zone Shooting Target Technology allows the shooter to calibrate his power sensitive Mil-Dot reticle by aligning one or two Mil-Dots onto the Mil-Dot precision overlay. This added feature helps duplex reticle shooters determine which points of their duplex reticles to use for range timation and valuable wind hold-off.

The knowledge and technical data provided has been tested and proven in real-world tactical SWAT operations, training scenarios, and in national/world sniper competitions.

Bulls Bag shooting targets suggested retail is $14.95 (MSRP) and is being offered nationwide to and through dealers, catalogs and directly from the Bulls Bag Company.

For more information contact the Bulls Bag Co. at 717-294-6000 or visit us at

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