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Savage 308 Model 10 LE Sniper Target 100yds.

NTOA Law Enforcement Member Tester

“I used it with just about every weapon...” “...except a 37mm launcher.”

“X7 was exceptional in a static range setting.”

THE MOST COMPLETE, DIVERSIFIED SHOOTING REST EVER... Shown (above) is the Savage 308 LE Model 10 Sniper Rifle w/pistol style grip and extended magazine clip. The cradle height is adjustable up to 8" in the X7 design and allows for additional elevation as seen in this photo.

The only 7-IN-1 “SYSTEM...”

The X-7 BULLS BAG will perform 7 Expert shooting arrangements with this EXPERT-“Advantage” SYSTEM. It transforms into a Hi-Pro Series and Original (low) Bulls Bag, (Patented Butterfly-Grip) Toe & Heel, Pistol Rest, Adjustable Stack Bags, Window and Blind Shooting Rest. Includes 50 Plus additional configurations and only limited by your exploring the possibilities...

ENGINEERED to meet “ALL” shooters expectations... EVERYTIME GUARANTEED!