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99% rate our shooting rests over ALL others by experiencing more Accuracy and Repeatability
Take advantage of our patented butterfly vise-grip “X” design Technology!...           Learn More>

Available Models

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15” Bench Rest Models
Select from 5 styles

The 15" bench style shooting rests
stabilizes more… not less. More then any
other rifle rest offer and provides
exceptional gripping of the forearm and
reduces felt-recoil and muzzle-jump
promising “extreme accuracy”. Bulls Bag
makes your investment in your gun
and scope pay-off, every time.

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Starting Price $47
Available unfilled and prefilled

Total Savings up to 15%
with store coupon at checkout

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“...ingenious design that cradles the weapon for an absolutely rock-steady
shooting platform.”-NTOA/Tester

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9-10” Field Rest Models
Select from 5 styles

These models provide excellent
portability, weighing in at 14-16 pounds
when filled with *media. A convenient size and light-weight when changing your shooting position quickly. This creates a rock-steady
platform used to provide a superior
shooting foundation when on the
bench and while on the move.

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Starting Price $38
Available unfilled and prefilled

Total Savings up to 15%
with store coupon at checkout

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“The 9-inch model was portable enough to have multiple applications on a
tactical team beyond bench shooting and weapons zeroing.”

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PRO-Series HI/Custom
Select from 2 styles

Developed to accommodate those
requesting higher elevation in a
shooting rest, while including the
proven gun vise-grip design, famous
to Bulls Bag. Allows for extended
bench and field use, and shooting prone.
The one-piece design allows for a
maximum cradle height of nearly 8”.
A great pick when shooting big caliber
guns and AR style rifles, with extended
ammo magazine clips and pistol-grip
stock designs.

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Starting Price $86
Available unfilled and prefilled

Total Savings up to 15%
with store coupon at checkout

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“...this bag does have a place in a sniper team’s inventory.”-NTOA/Tester

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X-7 PRO-Advanced S-System
Select from 2 style/3-models

This shooting rest is called “Advanced”
for a good reason.

The X-7 BULLS BAG Shooting Rest will
perform 7 Expert Gun Rest configurations
and is the EXPERTS 1st Choice and Editors-rated BEST pick.

It’s 7-independed bags will transforms
into a Hi-Pro Series and the Original (low)
Bulls Bag “X” design, (Patented Butterfly-Grip),
Toe & Heel, Pistol Rest, Adjustable Stack Bags,
Window and Blind Shooting Rest, and includes
50 Plus additional shooting rest configurations.


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Starting Price $139-$169
Available unfilled and prefilled

X3 and X4 Starter Systems
Starting Price $59-$104

Total Savings up to 15%
with store coupon at checkout

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September 21, 2012 7:56 PM

Subject: Positive Shopping Experience

"I recently ordered your 15 inch bench rest model, filled.  When it arrived, it came without fill.  I called your office to see about getting the fill, and your representative simply sent me a new, filled bag (it arrived in one day...impressive!) and told me to keep the first one.  He was incredibly courteous and apologetic, and the generous response went above and beyond any reasonable expectation.

In my 49 years of shopping, I can say without hesitation that I have never been treated in such a professional, courteous and generous manner.  You clearly have a high class operation, and although I haven't had a chance to use the bag, it appears to be every bit as high quality as you advertise.
Although I was tempted to simply sell the first bag on EBay, out of respect for your quality organization, I instead decided to give it to a friend. Guess I'll be ordering a bag of fill soon to go with it.
I will definitely cheer for your company and products when the opportunities arise."
Thank you!

Paul T
Reynoldsville, PA 

Join...Nosler UP FRONT

“I called Bulls Bag Friday but they were closed, didn't leave a message. Saturday early afternoon I received a call from Marshall Hill, the President of Bulls Bag asking if there was something I needed or if he could answer any questions. I thought, WOW, here is a man that cares about the customer.
We had quite the chat and he walked me through his web site. He explained that barrel harmonics are affected by a shooting rest which really got me to thinking.

I bought their newest shooting rest, called the X7 System. It is made up of 7 components. This modular concept allows the shooter to create the perfect gun rest for his shooting needs. These bags are of very high quality and filled with kitty litter. The entire X7 system weighs 32 lbs.
I put a rifle into the patented 10" Vice Grip bag and spread out the base bags. This locked the gun into the bags and it was rock solid.”

JD338-Aug. 01, 2012 Join...Nosler UP FRONT

Speed sells but Accuracy kills.

"Just finished placing my order for the X7 system 8). I have lots of range work ahead of me so I hope this will make it easier.
Their guarantee seems to be tight as well :)
Thanks Jim for the information I have been trying to find something to replace my leadsled after hearing some of the report on them :(


“Dan, Congratulations on your Bulls Bag and the hat.
I agree, Marshall Hill of Bulls Bag is a first class gentleman and he runs a world class company.”             

JD338-Aug. 20, 2012  Join...Nosler UP FRONT

  "I bought your 15" bag to replace the leaking, ripped sandbags at our club.  The premise seemed logical but I could never have expected the more...

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FORT MEADE, MARYLAND                                                          click picture to enlarge
THE RESULTS ARE IN! 1st Place Team, MSP (Maryland State Police)
Takes The GOLD... Simpler is shooter and Arnold is spotter.
Winners Shown Shooting Off The New X7 in OD-Green with Molle (Available in Late Sept. 2012) Reserve Yours NOW $269.95 Law Enforcement TESTED and Approved
See All Comp Results here

JUNE 4th - JUNE 8th 2012

Metal Rest vs. Sandbags...

True... Is there a problem when Recoil is redirected or altered by a metal shooting rest?

YES...It simply takes an unnatural direction, which is not relative to the same line-of-sight as the barrel and will negatively change its point-of-impact, affecting repeatability. In some designs, it is known that damage has occurred to some gun stocks when the gun can not recoil in its natural direction (equal and opposite) and the energy is absorbed by the stock, (not recommended). Must have a flat surface for these designs and impossible for use in the field.


Metal/metallic shooting rests can magnify/amplify unwanted harmonic vibration caused by the firing of the gun, increasing additional variations on the target.

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