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Bulls Bag vs. Bulls Bag Shooting Rest "Links" Compare 90 Different Rest
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his chart and overview
has been developed to provide a random comparison in what is considered the most important purchase after the gun and the scope.... A Shooting Rest. We have taken the time and combined our Expert knowledge in this field to help present a wide range of choices available. While we have uncovered randomly the primary shooting foundation in rest applications, we excluded many similar products, manufacturers and names that had no superior advantages beyond their competitors.

It should be pointed out that in most of these shooting rests presented, that the rest offered, in many cases, requires an additional purchase to make it applicable to steady the firearm or protect the gun’s finish while shooting. This means that like in mechanical rest designs, a front owl / rabbit ear bag would be necessary before placing the forearm on the forward rest. Also, it should be duly noted that without the addition of a rear rest, the stability is greatly sacrificed.

As seen in several examples of toe and or heel bag designs, many of these are also sold separately and require an additional purchase to achieve a reasonably steady platform from which to take aim. So you will need to locate an additional rest before calculating your total investment in an adequate shooting rest selection.

We avoid using rests that can harness or dampen recoil by the clamping of a forearm and or the heel of a firearm. We have knowledge and engineering experience that these designs can change your point-of-impact. An even greater concern, we have known that by not allowing recoil to expand and dissipate naturally, it could cause damage to a firearm. Some products we have included use this method .

We are not implying or ranking one manufacturer over another by presenting pricing, pictures and brand names, but simply have shown the broadness of the markets in light of the X-7 Bulls Bag and its large envelope of capability. This comparison is provided to help potential buyers in selecting a shooting rest that meets their shooting and terrain requirements. We hope this helps you Hit-The-Target...