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What are The Real QUESTIONS and LAWS regarding Extreme Shooting Rest Accuracy?

In Plain ENGLISH...
Bulls Bag Laws and Newton's


RULE 101:
Nothing outperforms the stability of a shooting rest sandbag.

RULE 102:

Accuracy and Repeatability can be achieved only when three components are present in a shooting rest.
...........Weight and Balance
...........Low center of gravity
...........Wide footprint

RULE: Stability Comes From Stabilizing MORE... not less!

(ALL three of these are incorporated ONLY in the Bulls Bag Technology).


The weight and balance distribution in a shooting rest platform is critical to the end result performance.

The Bulls Bag shooting rest encompasses this engineering in ALL its designs by applying two important formulas in its two standard models.

In the Pro-SERIES /X-7 Advantage designs, 80% (Footprint) of the weight is below the center of gravity (Hinge-point), known as a 20/80 weight distribution. In the Field /Bench designs, 70% (Footprint) of the weight is below the center of gravity (Hinge-point), known as a 30/70 weight distribution. This shooting rest provides superior gripping of the forearm contact area and a substantial stable base which is key to ANY shooting rest’s stability. (ONLY in the Bulls Bag Technology).

The other sandbag design on the market, known as the “H”design by its appearance, uses a 50/50 split in weight distribution.  After adding the rifles weight to this rest… its weight is now above the center of gravity and balance and stability are sacrificed. 

RULE 103:                                                                                                                                                                 
Nothing outperforms the stability, accuracy and repeatability of the Bulls Bag, which incorporates advanced features in a one-bag shooting rest “System,” with the latest vise-grip patented technology.

It’s really a simple mathematical equation!

RULE 104:

Reminder: Stability is achieved by stabilizing more... not less…
(Bulls Bag Bench Model) grips up to 15 inches of a long-gun/rifle forearm, providing up to 5 times more stability than any other shooting rest design. No others include this design formula.  Note: Field Models, Pro-SERIES HI and X-7 “Advantage”shooting rests grip up to 10 inches, which provides up to 3 times more surface stability.


RULE 105:
No others claim to meet or exceed the Bulls Bag shooting rest accuracy performance challenge.

RULE 106:

No others have proven repeatable accuracy… with every shot, every time.  ONLY Bulls Bag does this.

RULE 107:

Bulls Bag was the first to achieve “Expert” perfection in shooting rest accuracy and we will be the last.

RULE 108:

Bulls Bag: The ONLY patented shooting rest gun vise “System” with “Lethal Accuracy,” recommended by the NTOA (National Tactical Officers Assoc.) Member Tested Program. Bulls Bag Shooting rests are ideally suited for Long Range Sniper, SWAT, LE/Police, Tactical Training and Military use.

RULE 109:

Bulls Bag (X-7 “Advantage”), the newest advancement in Bulls Bag shooting rest technology, is recommended and has been sold by

RULE 110:

Bulls Bag is the ONLY Shooting Rest

  • With a 500% GUARANTEE:
  • 100% Money Back,
  • 100% Performance,
  • 100% Lifetime,
  • 100% NO Leaks,
  • 100% No Damage 


Feel like you need more DATA?

How do Bulls Bags compare to ALL other Shooting Rests?
Bulls Bag Patented Technology (Butterfly Vise-Grip) Guarantees to outperform ALL others by on-the-target proof… NO others can meet or exceed our consistent performance.

How do Bulls Bags shooting rests compare to mechanical (Metallic/metal) rifle rests that claim to reduce recoil?
For the record:
No shooting rest can claim to reduce recoil and be fact. Newton's third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, when one object exerts a force on another object, the second object exerts a force of equal strength in the opposite direction on the first object. Likewise, when a shooter fires his or her gun, he experiences the recoil upon the gun. The "kick" felt by the shooter is the reaction force upon the gun which is equal in magnitude to the force that pushes the bullet.

Bulls Bags always, in every situation, provide superior accuracy results over ALL mechanical shooting rests by allowing recoil to flow in its most natural direction.(opposite the bullets energy when fired). Metal/metallic shooting rests can magnify harmonic vibration caused by the firing of the gun, increasing additional unwanted variations.

What takes place when Recoil is redirected or altered by a shooting rest?
It simply takes an unnatural direction, which is not relative to the same line-of-sight as the barrel and will negatively change its point-of-impact, affecting repeatability. In some designs, it is known that damage has occurred to gun stocks and some firing mechanisms
, when the gun can not recoil in its natural direction (equal and opposite) and the energy is absorbed by the stock, (not recommended).

Thought: Take a hard look at any mechanical device and imagine how natural… or unnatural… it is to climb into and create repeatability! Remember, you are trying to achieve the same natural technique while shooting off-handed as on the bench.

Cheek position, eye relief, parallax and shoulder contact with the rifle, which must be consistent to achieve "Expert" results. A comfortable and consistent shooting position while on the bench is a must to achieve accuracy and repeatability!

 4. Why do other shooting rests claim to reduce recoil if this is incorrect?
Manufacturers and marketers of those products do not understand the correct terminology. (Recoil vs. Felt-Recoil). Simply put, the designers/manufacturers are not the best shooters and accuracy/repeatability is secondary in their shooting rest designs. The other shooting rest manufacturers must market to and capitalize on the consumer’s ignorance and promote other perceived benefits other than accuracy (Example of published claim: “reduces up to 95% recoil). (Never claims repeatability or accuracy). We challenge their methods of measurement in reducing Felt-Recoil… with no response to date

How can recoil be truly reduced?
You can ONLY do so by decreasing the bullet weight and or powder charge that results in a decrease/reduction in foot-pounds of energy exerted. (Equal and opposite). You can experience a reduction in Felt-Recoil by including a muzzle brake, which dissipates the explosion over a short distance (1.5 – 4 inches) at the end of the barrel by porting the gases gradually, or increasing the gun’s overall weight as in a target barrel, reducing felt recoil. Recoil must still flow in its natural direction for accuracy. Example: Forces, like water, naturally want to take their easiest escape route.

Why do I feel less recoil when using the Bulls Bag shooting rest?
You are experiencing a change in what we call Felt-Recoil. This comes from using a more comfortable shooting rest position (static) that allows the shooter to climb into the Bulls Bag as if he or she is shooting off-handed, and ultimately positions the shooters gun, hands and shoulder correctly, and allows the shooter to use the natural padding (Muscle mass/flesh-shoulder) to be present in this accurate shooting position technique. Bulls Bag natural filling medias (sand, cat litter, walnut/corn cob media, etc.) help absorb harmonic vibration caused by the shots chambered explosion and aids in decreasing muzzle jump as the bullet leaves the end of the barrel.

What about shooting rests that have a front rest for the forearm and one for the heel of the gun (butt)?
If it’s a sandbag, more formerly known as a Toe and Heel shooting rest configuration, or a mechanical rest with Y-supports in the same general areas, these designs can prove inconsistent and can create additional variables time and time again. ANYTIME you make point-of-contact with the gun, you create pressure points. When you add multiple pressure points, you can create variables in the shooting pattern and can cause a “Flex” in the shooting accuracy. (Inconsistent grouping). Two points-of-contact under the gun bases (Example: toe and heel/Y-supports), and the shooter applying pressure above the trigger-guard and stock, presents what is known as downward and upward pressure, creating a total of 3 points of contact while using this technique. While in some measurable testing, the windage can remain consistent, the inconsistency arrives in the elevation results by seeing variations in the up and down (elevation) movement of the bullet holes on the target.

How does Bulls Bag solve this problem?
Simple. The Bulls Bag uses only one point-of-contact with the gun’s natural resting position, known as the guns forearm, and represents the same line-of-sight as the barrel, thus creating no other variables that two or more points-of-contact create. Bulls Bag recommends no use of a rear rest that creates the additional variables. Extreme accuracy can be achieved with just the Bulls Bag single rest when used properly.

Why is Bulls Bag so confident in its claims in Accuracy/Repeatability in their shooting rest?
We are the Editors PICK, Experts First Choice and Law Enforcements Lethal Accuracy formula. Simply, no one has proven otherwise…and we GUARANTEE our results.

we tell the truth and back it up with the Facts...on target!