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BULLS BAG Advanced Shooting Rest "Systems"

OBJECTIVE: Stability Comes From Stabilizing MORE...Not Less!


-Premium Advanced Shooting Rest Stability Technology (Tactical Accuracy Certified/TAC-ACE)
-Engineered Rifle Rest Weight and Balance formula
-Low Center-of-gravity calculated mathematical design
-Wide footprint for maximum stability in a Shooting Rest
-MORE… not less forearm surface contact area... than ALL other Rifle Rests
-One-bag Shooting Rest “System”, that does not create unwanted multiple pressure points on the rifle
-Gun Vise-grip “Butterfly action,” Patented Rifle Rest hinge-point "X" design... exclusive Only to BULLS BAG
-5 times more effective than any other shooting rest, including ALL mechanical metal rests (15” model tested)
-Absorbs harmonic vibration effectively and minimizes it at the muzzle (Not capable in metal/ridged designs)
-Will NOT negatively affect your point-of-impact on the target or in the field
-Reduces Felt-recoil (No shooting rest reduces “recoil”--See Newton ’s Law of Equal & Opposite)
-Only Patented shooting rest gun-vise branded by LE as “Lethal Accuracy”
-Member Tested and Recommended by NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association). Ideal for
Long Range SNIPER, SWAT, Law Enforcement and Police agencies, Tactical Training and Military use.

-GUARANTEED Accuracy and unmatched REPEATABILITY!
-Editors Choice and EXPERTS 1st Pick

-NO other shooting rests meet or exceed the Accuracy or Repeatability of the BULLS BAG!