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Dear Valued Clients,

Thank you for visiting our website. We take great pride in our Dealers and Distributors by offering them a variety of unique Bulls Bag Shooting Rests. We are able to provide you, as a Dealer, and your customers, the best level of product satisfaction Guaranteed. We value you as our client and welcome you into our programs as if you were a guest in our home. With your support and continued business we will be able to grow together and provide you and your customers with the best shooting rest experience in the industry. Thank you again and welcome into our Family.

We have given you several options when placing an order or gathering additional information on Bulls Bag shooting rests. Below are some contacts for Dealers and Distributors to use to purchase our products. Dealers can find a list of our distributors they may currently be doing business with listed on our site by selecting the "Stocking Distributors" tab (above). These are Distributors who Bulls Bag has already recognized as providing excellent service and are stocking locations of Bulls Bag Shooting Rests.

We welcome your calls and we will help you decide which products may benefit you and your customers best and will share with you our top sellers and why they are in such high demand! 717-294-6000.

If you wish to contact or be contacted by our corporate office or our manufacturer sales representatives, we have provided direct "links" below to those offices for your E-mail convenience.

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Main Number: 717-294-6000
fax: 717-294-6001

Bulls Bag Co.

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