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Discover the Secret That's Got 100,000’s of thousands of shooters just like you their BEST shots on target and BEST field results with More Accuracy and better Repeatability Worldwide …Than Any Other SHOOTING RESTS ... and bench rest shooters who are Actually LOVING a ruler when measuring SUB-MOA!" GO AHEAD... It's Your Turn To Show YOUR Target

We Want You To Feel Good About Your Decision When Buying Bulls Bag Shooting Rests

Take 5 Steps and 3 Simple Shots...
Actual Customer Targets Shown -- review target Above...


_ A wide range of shooters choose Bulls Bag brands, that include: Law Enforcement Professionals, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Military, Special Ops, Sniper Detachments, Training Facilities, International Agencies, Ranges, Shooting Industry Leaders and Gun Manufacturers, Marksman, F-Class Shooters, Competitors and Hunters Worldwide.


_ You may have experienced first-hand our Technology and Science at a shooting range, competition, shooting event or actually seen in use by a fellow shooter. You may have also encountered one of the many hundreds or Editors and Professionals reviews in publications or on TV and awards, that rated Bulls Bag the Top Pick in their evaluations and boasted Bulls Bags excellent value…not to mention the many satisfied customers reviews and comments, that also elevate Bulls Bag to the top of its Class. Need More Facts? You may wish to read our section on " Metal Rest vs. Sandbags".


- Simple… visit our Shooting Rests “Quick Overview” section and this will help steer you in the direction to meet your requirements for Accuracy, Repeatability and Precision on the bench or in the field with several models, material colors and Real Tree HD pattern to choose from… for use with your conventional rifle designs or AR styles with extend clips and pistol grip designs, along with pistol rest configurations for hand-gunners and pricing. You can also take special note to the models that have been Member Tested!

Recommended and Tested by NTOA, Natl. Tactical Officers Assn., which no other sand bags have been recognized. Watch a few of our on-line videos, without reading a book. HERE is a great start with a video.


- This is the Best part when choosing Bulls Bag… We back up our products with a 500% Satisfaction Guarantee that is second to none in the industry. We Promise to outperform other rests by proving the best results on target, down range and in the field . Our Engineered design is a Science and Not Hype. With hundreds of thousands of these bags in the hands of shooters Worldwide and over 25 years of servicing the end-user with the best customer support anywhere…, we have had less than a dozen bags returned for a refund in our entire 25 year history. That’s another clear indicator you have made the right choice along with our Lifetime Guarantee!
Stabilizing MORE...Not Less

How? With the Only rests design that, stabilizes More of the Gun than any other rest system. Solid engineering that includes a Wide Foot Print, a Low Center-Of-Gravity and a solid Weight and Balance formula . When all brought together… reduces unwanted barrel Harmonic Vibration, reduces Felt-Recoil and multiple Pressure-Points on the gun and allows for the rifle to be locked in Like A Vise , with a Patented butterfly action and X-Design which are Bulls Bag Trademarks… that can’t be found in any other rests. H-design and bad imitators bags Do Not grip the rifle… and Metal rest missed our proven Engineering formula… especially those with a butt stock support. Maybe they noticed the point-of-impact changes on these designs...especially when taken out of the rest...Their customers did. A short education in Equal and Opposite in Newton’s 3rd Law would be in order to get a passing grade here! Also... Bulls Bags DON'T Rust!


We value your time visiting with us seriously and promise you the highest respect with No reservations till the cows come home. We are Here to Help you in your quest for More Accuracy and offer Expert support in shooting rest technology beyond any other designs and data to support our findings throughout our site is absolutely FREE…PROMISE! We will answer your questions and e-mails truthfully and timely, [email protected] and take your phone calls ( 888-665-2855 ) as many times as you need assistance or technical advice... whether you are a beginner, new to shooting or a seasoned professional… we are part of your shooting Team!

Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will give you a very special discount coupon code that can be used here at the Bulls Bag store and a thank you for visiting with us at Bulls Bag just for spending time with us. [email protected]

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-"My professional team and I Thank You for visiting with us… I hope we will convince you and prove through education here at Bulls Bag Shooting Rests, that we are the Best choice when the down range mark is to achieve Extreme Accuracy driven by Repeatability… and is a tremendous Value for a Lifetime …
Please share your thoughts with me and why Bulls Bag may or may not be your first choice. I will be eternally Grateful for your opinion moving forward and value your impute. This is how Bulls Bag has developed our designs…by listening to the end-user. Thk You,"

Here is another super reason Bulls Bag is on top their Game. No one has more Target Technology Than Bulls Bags DEAD Nuts/Dead ZONE with the ONLY target design with Zeroing GRID to check True Click Value, Reticle Hold, Metric/Standard and Cold Bore Issues. (Target size 28" X 40")

We use mathematics and a proven diagnostic process to identify each rifle’s: idiosyncrasies.

WANT SOME EXPERT HELP Choosing A Shooting Rests? CALL US...888-665-2855

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1. Engineering Formula -- Patented Design
2. Hi Tech -- Video Demonstration Must Watch 10.31min
3. Metal Rests vs.Sandbags -- Top Questions
4. Product Guarantee -- 500% Lifetime
5. Customer Comments -- Reviews


6. QUICK OVERVIEW -- Choose A Model Gear Review: 6/19/15 by Kristin Alberts

"Bulls Bag X7 is the best of its kind...Seven sweet rests in one? Yes, please. The Bulls Bag X7 is one easy-to-pack unit that quickly morphs into seven different shooting configurations."


A Couple Of Our MANY Great Reviews


-I asked my gunsmith, Banks Behling, with Ocmulgee arms a question. How would you set up perfect shooting platform for a 10 year old boy wanting to shoot his first deer? He replied build a small bench in your shooting house and buy a bulls bag. I called bulls bag and the gentleman was very helpful in asking me the right questions in order to taylor his product to my particular hunting situation. I told him that we hunt open fields with food plots in Georgia and can take rifle shots up to several hundred yards. The gentleman asked what kind of rest that I would be using and how long of shots that my son would be attempting. I told him the bench inside the stand would be about 16 inches wide by 4 feet and we would be taking shots up to several hundred yards. He recommended a 15 inch bull bag with Camo Cordura and suede top. I ordered a filled bag and placed it in our hunting stand.
On opening Saturday of youth rifle week season in Georgia, my son, Banks, and I went hunting in the afternoon. We saw several deer and then a big 10 point buck stepped out broadside at 200 yards from stand. My son placed his 7mm-08 Remington rifle in the cradle of the bulls bag and readied for his first shot at a big buck. Banks softly squeezed the trigger, the rifle thundered down the shooting lane and his buck dropped like a sack of rocks. Banks exclaimed that he couldn't believe that he could shoot that far and hit his target. I was ecstatic as any father would be with his son killing his first deer at such a long distance. I was very happy that I had purchased a product that help fulfill my son's dream of killing a big buck. - 10/10/2015

Thanks to Bulls Bag and their innovative, user friendly hunting product! - GREAT Job Banks To My Friends in GA

This One Says It ALL (target shown -- with dime/10cent piece ***5-shot group)

I bought your 15" bag to replace the leaking, ripped sandbags at our club. The premise seemed logical but I could never have expected the results. I shot a friends 6mm PPC from the bench @ 100 yards. I felt immediately comfortable behind the bag. It gripped the fore-end as advertised and yet was soft enough to allow minute corrections. No rear bag, just my left hand for any needed elevation change. A couple of spotting shots and then my effort for group. Two 5 shot groups later, I couldn't believe the results. 5 shots @ .174 and then 5 shots @ .166! Never approach this kind of accuracy before.Amazing but the best was yet to come. The owner of the rifle took his turn. A couple of shot to get comfortable and then group.

-"Looking thru the spotting scope I was amazed. We walked down and measured the group........ .028 !!! NO ONE at the club has ever approached that kind of accuracy. It took weeks for my friend to stop smiling. There were no smiles from the other bench shooters with their $900 micro adjustable front rests and sled designs failed miserably."

Your product is reasonably price, totally portable, seemingly indestructible and gives the shooter the opportunity to ring out the ultimate accuracy from any weapon. Nice to see a product that actually lives up to the hype.

-Dean J. Daniels

BULLS BAG Saves Shooters LIFE?…Headlines…

YES…You did hear it correctly ! A Bulls Bag may have Saved shooters LIFE.
. or a least from serious injury. The end-user only received minor injuries when his Rugar .204 exploded and splattered scrap metal in multiple directions and was absorbed by his 15” BULLS BAG Rest design. Jerry Hermes called Bulls Bag that Monday and the first thing out of his mouth was “You Saved My LIFE”. Our customer service responded with… “This is the Bulls Bag Shooting Rest Company”… Jerry quickly repeated and a little more firm the second time... “You Saved My Life”. We were even more confused until Mr. Hermes of Sterling, VA., went on to tell his story with a tone in his voice of true appreciation.


In Jerry’s Own Words:I “I have been using the 15-inch Bulls Bag for about six months and have experienced the major improvement in accuracy and consistency as described on your web site. A couple of days ago, it probably saved my life when my .204 Ruger exploded (cause still being studied) on the fifth round of the day. The rifle was cradled in the bag and I received only minor injuries because of the energy absorbed by the bag. I don’t recall seeing safety as one of the advantages of the bag but it definitely was for me.”

“I am eager to replace this bag and get back to the range.”

So there you have it. Another Great reason to own a Bulls Bag Shooting Rest ! We think that your number one reason to own a Bulls Bag may be for Accuracy and Repeatability,… but keeping you safe is also at the top of our list after hearing this story. I don’t believe metal rest designs could have provided the same protection. It’s Just A Thought.

100 TO 1000 Yards

I received my Bulls Bag today ...

This is just to let you guys know that when it comes to customer service .. you're the best !! .... you're communication with the buyer and shipping speed is outstanding .. and you sell a quality product to boot !! .... it's refreshing to do business with a company, that puts that extra effort out for a customer !!

Many Thanks & Happy New Year !!
- dbillingsley 12-30-13